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Q: What is the difference between selling and pawning? 

A: When you pawn an item, you can come back and redeem (get it out) within 90 days. If no interest payment is made within 60 days, a 30 day forfeit notice is sent to you. When you sell an item you have given up all rights and ownership.

 Do I have to pawn my item or can I just sell it out right? 

A: The customer always has the choice to sell or pawn their items.

 If I lose my item in pawn how can I get it back.

A: If the item is in stock, the customer may purchase the item back from us. 

Q: Someone stole my item can I find out if you have it?

A: The first thing you need to do is make a police report, the officer can then go through our daily sheets that have been sent to the 3 major police departments to check our pawned/bought inventory. If an item with the same description as yours shows up on the list he will then contact us. By law we are not allowed to give out information about our pawns to anyone (other than officials) who isn't listed on the ticket.